The management of your optic store is increasingly a simple and practical experience

As a technology solution for online optical management, PRISMA has an intuitive interface and a high capacity to simplify, optimize and streamline the entire business.

PRISMA is designed to provide quick and easy execution of a wide range of tasks, such as the management of services and articles, the calculation and invoicing of compartments and the management of purchasing and sales documents.

We highlight the main features of PRISMA as online optical management software:

• Management of optical services 
• Management, calculation and invoicing of compartments
• Management of purchasing and sales documents
• Management and automatic importation of purchasing documents and selling documents
• Management of Multiwarehouse stock/Store
• Inventory Control
• Articles Management
• Importing of ophthalmic lenses and contact lenses catalogue
• Transfers between stores/warehouses
• Current Account management 
• CRM Tool