Specific software for user-focused optics

The PRISMA is a specific software for optics that was exclusively thought and developed by F3M, a Tec company with more than 30 years of experience, knowledge and performance in the market. 

Therefore, as a result from the research and continuous monitoring of companies in the sector, the PRISMA presents differentiating characteristics that make it a global solution, innovative and essential to enhance the business of any optics. 

As a 100% Web tool, PRISMA can be accessed from anywhere, simplifying and streamlining, at any time, the management and execution of the various processes present in the nature of the business.

The use of PRISMA is in line with all legal and functional requirements and responds to the specifications of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The PRISMA, specific software for optics, allows you to enjoy the following features:

• Ensure the integrated and strategic management of the entire business;
• Control each step and make more assertive, productive and profitable decisions;
• Automate and optimize Manual, lengthy, stressful and error-prone processes;
• Ensure efficient management of stocks, orders, orders and appointments; 
• Improve productivity and streamline team work;
• Define the offer according to the real needs of the market;
• Centralize customer information and promote loyalty programs;
• Have immediate access to a set of data and indicators that provide excellent customer service, boost profitability and increase commercial proactivity.

... feel the future.