Benefit from Software specification
for the optics sector management

Having the ability to potentiate the profitability and commercial proactivity of an optic store is today an essential challenge to those who want to remain competitive in the sector. 
Given the specificity of the sector, the most generalist software does not respond in the best way to its particularities and does not contribute to the optimization and automation of processes. Taking all in consideration, and in the simplicity and ease of access, F3M has betted on cutting-edge technology and software specifically developed for the optics sector.

The PRISMA, 100% Web based solution, allows to manage all the activities of the optics, in a global and integrated way, always in line with the legal and functional requirements.
Managing the portfolio of products, stocks, orders, with a permanent focus on customer service and satisfaction, becomes easier and faster than ever before. 

PRISMA represents a new paradigm in the structure of F3M management solutions and is the reflection of more than 30 years of experience and accumulated know-how. Being cloud-based, it does not imply initial investment and can be used at any time and place. This is a clear technological evolution and experience of use.

With this software for the optics sector management, F3M reinforces the focus on the needs of the user in each business process and brings the most advanced technologies to the professionals of the optics. 

The PRISMA presents itself as one of the most appropriate solutions and adjusted to the real needs of the professionals of the optics, with a very positive impact on management level and operationalization, allowing in one hand to improve procedures and decisions and in the other, enhancing the profitability of the business.

... feel the future.